Resolution of the UNCAV Press Freedom

Freedom of the press belongs in a democracy to the guaranteed fundamental Rights of freedom. It is one of the fundamental Rights on the basis of the other freedoms can be exercised.
Currently, the freedom of the press in many countries, however, due to political, economic or moral pressure or no longer a highly limited warranty, represents. Journalists must defend them daily. This means that edit- journalists often under difficult conditions can provide a suitable framework ,so that they can do their information work without restriction.
Many international organizers, as well as the UNCAV, express their solidarity with the journalists and correspondents around the world and force a sustainable protection of the objective, efficient and independent research work.
In light of the many recent examples of violation of the rights of journalists in many countries, UNCAV emphasizes the importance of the European Human Rights (ECHR), particular enshrined in Article 10 – freedom of information, for the protection of media freedom.
Due to the large number of victims, detainees and the political pressure of journalists in various conflict zones, we appeal to draw up to the governments under the Geneva Convention to an international mechanism for the application of international law and the protection of journalists and correspondents in conflict zones target, including an international mechanism for investigation and prosecution of grievances.
Media in many countries are a target for attacks of any kind – in the real and the virtual world. So it is important to protect journalists in the daily work of their activities and their confidential information / data.
We also invite the civil authorities and organizers, the media companies, journalists’ organizations, trade unions and educational institutions to sensitize people in journalism working, for the risks associated with their profession.
On the part of the UNCAV (United Nations Correspondents Association Vienna) will be underlined how important it is, that the press freedom is strengthened and that journalists are not violated or prevented from exercising their functions. All governments of the world are invited to take appropriate steps and actions.
Vienna, July,  2016